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Calls For Proposals
  Maths for Industry and Business
  This call is aimed to encourage high quality research in mathematical sciences in collaboration with industry, business or other non-academic users of research.
  Issued: Issued 12/01/06
  Array Chemistry - Reactions, Design and Interpretation
  The EPSRC, in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, wishes to announce a call for proposals to support a portfolio of activity in the area of array chemistry
  Issued: 11/01/06 Closing Date: 03/05/06
  Physical Organic Chemistry – Call for Proposals
  The EPSRC Chemistry Programme has allocated up to £2.5 million of funding in 2006/2007 for a specific call to strengthen and encourage the research base in physical organic chemistry.
  Issued: 10/01/06 Closing Date: 27/04/06
  Materials for Energy Supply – Call for Outlines
  Proposed projects should be collaborative in nature, with a "problem solving" approach, and a defined route to user exploitation. In addition, projects should address one of the two fundamental themes of the call: Materials Research for New Energy Generation Technology, and, Materials Research to Improve Current Energy Generation Technology.
  Issued: 09/01/06 Closing Date: 06/04/06
  Physics at the Life Sciences Interface - Second Call for Feasibility Studies
  This is a call for feasibility studies at the interface between physics and the life sciences. Each feasibility study can request up to a total of 18 months full time research staff effort. A total of £1.5 million is available for this call subject to the quality of the proposals received.
  Issued: 06/01/06 Closing Date: 05/04/06
  Call for Taught Course Centres for PhD Students in the Mathematical Sciences
  The EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme is pleased to announce a call to establish, via pump-priming support, a number of taught course centres for PhD students in the mathematical sciences.
  Issued: 21/12/05 Closing Date: 25/05/06
  Preserving Our Past - A Call for Participants
  This is a call for Expressions of Interest from anyone who would like to attend a facilitated workshop in Birmingham on 29 March 2006.
  Issued: 19/12/05 Closing Date: 15/02/05
  Fighting Crime, Increasing Security - A Call for Proposals
  Our aim for this call is to obtain a wide range of innovative proposals in the engineering and physical sciences which focus on crime prevention and detection and increasing national security
  Issued: 14/12/05 Closing Date: 02/03/2006
  Research Council Follow-on Fund - Call for Proposals
  Follow-on Funding is intended to increase and accelerate the rate of commercialisation of ideas arising from the research community. Applications are invited for financial support that will enable the very early or pre-seed stage of turning research outputs into a commercial proposition.
  Issued: 22/11/05 Closing Date 17/02/06
  Senior Media Fellowships
  The Public Engagement Programme invites applications for Senior Media Fellowships. These enable leading researchers to devote time to develop a higher media profile.
  Issued: 16/11/05 Closing Date: 26/01/06
  Call for Beamtime at the Australian National University
  Applications for beamtime at the Australian National University (ANU) heavy ion accelerator facility for the period 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007 period can now be submitted.
  Issued: 08/11/05 Closing Date: 28/02/06
  Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Centre in Nuclear Engineering - Call for Proposals
  EPSRC has identified through consultation with industrial and government stakeholders that training and development in nuclear engineering is strategically important to both keep the nuclear option open and to underpin the existing UK nuclear industry and infrastructure. We are therefore issuing a call for proposals for one new Engineering Doctorate (EngD) centre in nuclear engineering.
  Issued: 04/11/05 Closing Date: 02/03/06
  Call for Statistics Mobility Fellowships
  The EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme is pleased to announce a call for proposals for statistics mobility fellowships, aimed at young researchers from outside of statistics who wish to pursue a research career within statistics.
  Issued: 28/10/05 Closing Date: 09/03/2006
  Challenging Engineering - Interfaces: Bringing Ideas to Life
  Challenging Engineering is a high priority for the EPSRC Engineering Programme specifically focused on providing funding and developmental support for engineering researchers at an early stage of their careers. Interfaces: Bringing Ideas to Life encourages creative linkage of engineering research to more basic mathematical, physical, chemical, biological and social sciences.
  Issued: 28/10/05 Closing Date: 01/03/06
  Bridging the Gaps Between Mathematical Sciences, ICT and Engineering
  EPSRC would like to encourage researchers in the mathematical sciences, information and communication technology (ICT), and engineering to bridge the disciplines in their university and work more closely together.
  Issued: 26/10/05 Closing Date: 26/04/06
  Cognitive Systems Foresight Project - Open Call
  Open call for expressions of interest in the area of cognitive systems. Expressions of Interest will be considered by a Funders Group of the research councils and the Wellcome Trust, and applicants will be advised how to procede.
  Issued: 09/07/04 No Closing Date
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