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Welcome to the Really UK web site. Our primary activities are in consultancy and training relating to the use of intangible assets in enterprise.

The site covers what we do in the field of intellectual property (IP), markets, culture, human resources, capabilities, process and infrastructure in enterprise.

We've kept it as simple as possible - no fancy graphics, no clever flash stuff but you will need a browser that can use our menu structure (java). Most browsers should find this OK.

The emphasis is upon information, our services and our workshops.

Really UK consultancy for understanding and exploiting IP, patent infringement (freedom to act), valuation of intellectual property, patent mapping, business plan evaluation and preparation. Just pass your mouse pointer over the menu items in the left hand margin and click on the subject of your interest to navigate the site.

In particular we have been running IP workshops for over ten years and have trained over 5,000 scientists managers project leaders etc. in that time. The feedback is invariably positive.

We have outlined some of the more popular of these on the site. Each IP workshop covers essential matters relating to Intellectual property


Patents and Intellectual Property  - USEFUL LINKS
We are putting these links on our home page just in case your query turned up our site but you aren't interested in our consultancy or training and you were specifically looking (say) to search patent records or to find out about policies etc.


UK Patent Office and Trade Mark Registry 
A comprehensive explanation of UK patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright as well as search facilities for trade marks. 

The UK Government's Intellectual Property Web site
A web site containing basic information about intellectual property, includes resources and links to: copyright, designs, patents, and trademarks sites.

European Patent Office
The Web site for the European Patent Office

Quite wide ranging information about policies, trends and also a good set of links to national patent office sites.

The Community Patent
Will it ever come? At present, it seems difficult to reach a final agreement on the dossier. The main stumbling block appears to be the issue of the translation of the claims in the patent. The text does in fact stipulate that the claims in the patent - this being the shortest but most important section as it defines the limits of the protection - should be translated into all official EU languages. As things stand at present, the European ministers are unable to agree on a compromise regarding the issue of knowing who will decide on the legal validity of the translation and how to deal with the effects of a mistranslation.
A second bone of contention relates to determining the length of the period for filing translations. This is a key issue as, under the arrangements proposed, the Community patent shall be deemed not to have taken effect if the translations are not filed within the deadlines set.

US Patent Office
Provides a catalogue of patented products and services as well as links to all types of relevant resources. Many of our clients use the US Patent Office for the initial novelty search. You can draw your own conclusions.

Canadian Patent Office
The Canadian Patent Office Home Page. Canada seems to do lots of things well. Their Patent Office is no exception. Industry Canada is another amazing portal for research and statistical information not only about Canada but also elsewhere.


The espace databases
Quite good at getting to the information. Not particularly fast. You'll need a copy of Acrobat Reader. Don't expect to be able to download full documents all the time! But there are a significant number of complete patents to view and more coming on line by the day.

The US Patent Office Databases
You'll need a Tiff format viewer but there is a link to one on the site which you can download. The whole document is accessible and therefore this is a little more helpful than the espace route.

Free Patents on Line
A pretty easy and comprehensive way of searching US patents with a pdf viewer that shows complete patents. Pity its not available across the espace database yet.

The Canadian Patent Office Databases
A pretty good site for searching Canadian Patents

Derwent (part of the Thomson Corporation) 
Claims to be "the world's leading supplier of value-added patent and scientific information". Expensive it maybe but it is an invaluable source for professionals and the on-line facilities are probably unrivalled for the serious researcher.

This is a subscription use site for Intellectual Property searching – it would appear to be what the old IBM intellectual Property Search became. Search engine is allegedly said to have an expert system running in the background.


Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
This is the Text of the Agreement of Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. It's becoming increasingly important to understand these provisions if you are in the business of international licensing of intellectual property.


Copyright Licensing Agency
The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Ltd is the UK's Reproduction Rights Organisation and a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO).


The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) was established in 1934 as the professional body representing those persons qualified to act for the owners of trade mark and allied intellectual property rights (in particular, registered designs) both nationally and internationally. It now represents the vast majority of UK registered trade mark agents and all UK Trade Mark & Design Litigators.

Currently ITMA has approximately 500 practising members; it also extends associate membership to professionals in related fields of law and overseas membership to foreign trade mark attorneys. Its total membership (all classes) is about 1600 members, primarily located in the United Kingdom and Europe, but also in more than 50 other countries.

ITMA is regularly consulted by UK government and by international bodies when questions affecting trade mark and allied intellectual property rights arise. It has regular meetings with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO), the Community Trade Marks Office (OHIM), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and other sister organisations in Europe and beyond. For more information visit


If you are into plant breeding, this is for you. It is the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants

Plant Breeders' Rights
A useful guide


The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
This is the professional body for patent agents in the UK.

Institute of Patentees and Inventors
The institute offers its members advice and guidance on all aspects of inventing from idea conception to innovation and development. 

Software Patent Institute
The Software Patent Institute and its Database of Software Technologies is a non-profit corporation formed to provide courses and prior art about software technology to help improve the patent process 

World Intellectual Property Organisation 
The Site for the World Intellectual Property Organisation. It includes press room, resources on intellectual property and the activities of the WIPO.

A relative newcomer to the field of IP trading.


An interesting piece of Intellectual Property Asset Management Software. Worth a trial if you want to get a handle on your IP budget and to manage your IP resources!

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